Step into the shoes of those who have been there...and how Tiny Steps of Hope can make the journey a little more comforting to navigate.

It was one of the scariest experiences of my life. I was expecting this perfect pregnancy and delivery, a time when all my family and friends would gather in anticipation just waiting for my son to be born. Instead, the process was scary, terrifying and the worst part was that I had to leave my son at the hospital for months after he was born. I felt alone and afraid.
— Julie
Your Annual Tiny Steps of Hope Basket Bash was wonderful! Everything was well organized. My friends and I have attended many basket raffles and yours by far was the BEST. The baskets were the highest quality we’ve ever seen and all the extra raffles were well worth the extra donations! We’ll be back every year!
— Kathy
Leaving my baby at the hospital was the worst experience. When I received my Precious Preemie Bundle, I couldn’t wait to start recording baby’s progress in the journal and take pictures of baby in the sleeper I received.

The gas gift cards helped get us to and from the hospital those first couple weeks and I liked using the food gift cards to stop and get something to eat on the way from the hospital so I didn’t have to cook.
— Tammy
Your Testimonial Can be here!
— You
I love this organization. It is exciting to be a part of something so new, that was definitely needed in this community and Western Pennsylvania. I encourage everyone to volunteer!
— Betty
I was a preemie. That’s why I give back to this organization.
— Anonymous

Has Tiny Steps of Hope impacted you?  Share your thoughts/feelings with us!